I don’t think like other people. Most times, when I like something, it’s either wildly unpopular or else my fellow humans like it for other reasons. I get told I’m wrong. A lot. Maybe I am. That’s depressing.

Nearing the End

I’m almost done with my MBA. As of this writing I have two weeks of material left. Unfortunately, those two weeks are filled with a final exam and a massive project I have no desire to do, but that’s just my procrastination talking. They won’t be as arduous as I imagine–few things ever are in […]

Pick me up. I’m in the doldrums.

Sometimes the words come easy. It’s hard to pinpoint why. I suppose my dopamine levels are high or maybe I’ve had a good night sleep or I’ve been particularly good about following a healthy diet and my synapses are getting just what they need. Regardless, those times are bliss. I hit the mark. I navigate […]

Sears is the Worst

I think I’ve said this here before, but it bears repeating, I will NEVER buy anything from Sears again. I would wish them into immediate window-shuttering, door-slamming bankruptcy–as if my wishes mean anything in this bleak universe–but I’d fear for the employees who have nothing to do with my current frustrations.   BLUF: My dishwasher […]

Scare Tactics

My fifteen-year-old wanted to watch her first real scary movie.  In my quest to find something relatively mild to start her out on I chose The Lost Boys. In my memory it had some reasonably good scare factor. My memory was wrong. The Lost Boys is a freaking comedy. I don’t think I understood that […]

Covering All the Angles

I watched a show called Continuum on Netflix last summer. It’s a Canadian sci-fi show about a time cop who comes back from the 2070s to our era in pursuit of terrorists bent on changing the future. So, right off the bat, the premise was cliche, but not so much as to dissuade me from […]

Chicken Dinner

I’m proud to announce that I took 3rd in the Crimson Cloak fantasy short story competition! My story will appear in the competition’s anthology in the coming months: http://main.crimsoncloakpublishing.com/story-writing-competition.html?utm_source=AlmondPress&utm_medium=WritingCompetitionList&utm_campaign=WritingCompetitions This is a much-needed breath of encouragement right now. I needed it.     — david j.

Eye Patches and DRM

I work in an environment where it’s perfectly acceptable for my employer to ask if I have ever pirated music, movies, books, or other media. My employment rests on a truthful answer. Of course, the right answer is no, since the powers-that-be expect my peers and I to keep our noses clean at all times […]


If the multifaceted social dynamics of a middle school lunchroom could be compared to something as mundane as a mere spiral galaxy, then Alyson Reynolds’s table would be its center.  Bright stars of the gel-haired, denim-wearing, pubescent variety gravitated into her orbit, basking in rays of popularity while outside that circle, moving away towards colder, […]

Sprint versus marathon

Today’s the day. I will release my anthology of three novellas on Kindle this evening. According to the good folks at Amazon, it’ll take a day or two for the book to show up in the Kindle store, which means I should have my first self-published offering out by February 1, 2017. Yay! Writing and […]